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Monday, January 7, 2013

Reluctant to Change

This is exciting! I am starting to write articles and hopefully they are good enough to be printed and read. It feels great to share your thoughts, exchange ideas with complete strangers right? You pour your heart out in hope somewhere out there, someone may be facing the same thing and can relate. Thus, you feel less lonely.

So here goes.

I will be starting work at Ministry of Education after the Secretary General signs my placement letter. So in the meantime, I am back at my desk in NRE.

NRE is a place I call my second home, to some extent my only home (if you ask my mother!). Seven glorious years, full of ups and downs, sweat and tears..and a few pints of blood. So is it any wonder that I feel like I just amputated my left arm when I walked out of here?

My Division, Administration and Finance is not a group of people working a common goal. We are a family. They are the people who welcomed me into their arms and hearts when the world has given up on me. That kind of love is unconditional. I am lucky to experience this.

Sure, like all families, we have disputes, arguments, fall outs. But in the spirit of giving our best, we overlook this and continue to work harmoniously. The bigger the obstacle, the stronger we become, entwined in a bond that is unbreakable.

I feel at home here. If I feel sad, all I have to do is go out of my room, have a chat with the other staff and I feel a whole lot better. A little depressed and I surround myself in greenery in a little piece of heaven called NRE in the Forest. You never feel out of place here. You are always welcome.

But I welcome new challenges. I am up to meet my new family in MOE. I hope they share their hearts with me as my previous family has.

Here's to changes. May it builds our character, make us into a better person and fill our hearts with joy.

You have only one chance on this earth. Let's make it great.

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